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The image shows that Axle Studs are similar to the studs used to hold the Diff centre to the Axle Housing. A Tapered Roller Bearing is fitted to the Axle. Click to Enlargen. Photo by HQ_SS.

Rear Axles:

Note that there are Coarse and Fine spline axles.

Coarse Spline Axles:

The coarse spline axles have the fewest teeth and are the early type. These were prone to breaking.

Fine Spline Axles:

The fine spline axles have the most teeth and are the later type. These solved the axle breaking problem.

All Holden Salisbury diffs (large and small) are fine spline! End of submisison by 383HGBrougham.

Hi Guys Holden fine-spline Banjo - 23 spline
Holden small Salisbury - 23 spline
Holden Large Salisbury - 28 spline
B/W VK6 & VL N/A 6-cyl- 25 spline
B/W VL V8 & Turbo - 28 spline
B/W All VN onwards - 28 spline Some Crewman Cross8 & late One Tonner axles are 30 spline. Dr Terry

Diff Change:

Note that when changing the differential, the axle spline type must be matched (coarse to coarse or fine to fine). Changing the side gears inside the differential is a quick job for a diff ace and can make it easy to match axle type to the side gears. This is likely within the same Rear Axle Type meaning changing from fine to coarse Axles within Banjo Rear Axles for example. You will need to check the specific Side Gears for your conversion, since 10 Bolt Side Gears may different from small Salisbury Side Gears which may be different again from Banjo Side Gears.

Side Gear Swap:

The Banjo Centre can be converted from Fine Spline to Coarse Spline by changing the Side Gears. Ben Simpson explains how below.

Side Gear Swap:

side gear swap only. have done this plenty of times myself in the pits in a rush between races, often times the spare banjo centres i had were coarse, with the only set of fine spline gears in the "good" now blown up diff centre. you need to remove the crownwheel from the hemisphere so the pinion shaft can be removed. if you mark the adjuster nuts and keep everything in its place then no adjustment changes are made and it all gets put back together just fine. i agree that the coarse axles are the weak link, once upgraded to fine the centres start to fail. and i have never seen a broken fine spline banjo axle EVER End of submission by Ben Simpson.  

LH side HR coarse axle. Centre sals std axle. RH side 1 Ton sals axle. Click to enlargen. Photo by HQ SS
LH side HR Ballbearing axle RH side HQ roller bearing axle. Click to enlargen. Photo by HQ SS
Top std Sals.Bottom Disc Brake Sals. Click to enlargen. Photo by HQ SS
LH Disc brake. RH std. Click to enlargen. Photo by HQ SS


Coarse Spline Axle. Click to Enlargen. Photo by 1962_EJ


Banjo Coarse Spline Axle. Click to Enlargen. Photo by  Dusty Dirt Roads.


Coarse and Fine Spline Spider Gears from Banjo Diffs. Click to Enlargen. Photo by HQ_SS.


Tonner Axles:

Tonner axles are thicker than regular ten bolt axles. I have a set in my sedan ten bolt, cheap easy upgrade. End of submission by HQ308.


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