Rear Axle Puller

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Original submission by T Jan 15th 2007.

Credit to my Dad, the originator of the idea.
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Home Made Rear Axle Puller:

You can make a Home Made Rear Axle Puller using a Bolt, Nut and Washer.


Put a long bolt through one of the Axle Balance Holes, parallel to the Axle and so that the thread end is towards the diff.


Put a large Washer on the diff side of the Axle Balance Hole.


Put a Nut on the thread of the Bolt.


Tighten the Nut until the threaded end of the bolt touches the Brake Plate but not the Bearing Cover. Tighten the Nut with a Spanner until the Bolt pushes the Axle out. If 1 Bolt, Nut and Washer won't do it, use 3.



10 Bolt:

T, your home made axle puller works a treat. used it on the 10 bolt this morning, only took 4 turns & out it popped. i did find it easier though holding the nut with a spanner & using a ratchet on the bolt cheers mate your advice & tech help is always appreciated. jayson  Submitted by James on 14/02/2010 Works great, helps to turn the nut only so bolt doesn't rotate off brake plate.. Used it in conjuction with flipping the drum brake cover on backwards, putting the nuts back on with a couple of turns then slamming it back towards you as a slide hammer. 




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