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RTS left, non RTS right. Note the presence of Spot Welded Shock Washers left and absence of them right, Click to Enlargen. Photo and images by Qute, DannyW for the left image and Veight for the right.

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Radial Tuned Suspension:

LX Torana:

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In 1977 with the introduction of the LX range, improvements were subtle but showed drastic improvements in performance. It takes a trained eye to compare a "76" and "77" LX, Radial tuned suspension not only included Steel belted tyres, and revised coils, shocks and bushes. The pivot points for both upper and lower suspension arms were relocated. HZ RTS is more noticeable, the upper mounts are welded further back on the chasis. They set a half degree of negative camber (at rest) to the front wheels. The revised control arms allowed extra camber. Which increased with the body on roll to 3 percent. The steering ratio was dropped from 18.0 to 20.4 to reduce effort.

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RTS Chassis. Click to Enlargen. Photo by 74hjls.
Cross Braces fitted to later model HZ Holdens. Click to Enlargen. Photo and images by Kinswood.






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