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VE V6 Oil Filters. Left - New Filter, middle - specified change, right - 30k over. See text for further info. Photo by FJWB. Click to Enlargen.

Oil Filters:

Info provided by FJWB:Just thought I would post a pic of these filters. They are all from VE V6 commodores.
Left pic is a new filter, middle is a filter changed as specified interval (15K) and right is filter at around double the interval (30k).
There are a couple of things to highlight here.
1. How important regular oil and filter changes are
2. How good an oil filter works.
3. The filter on the right would have been in by pass, resulting in the oil just circulating through the engine. This is ok for a short time but once the oil becomes saturated with carbon and other deposits it will provide oil pressure but will no longer lubricate as it should.
The filter cartridge used in these engines is very similar to those external filters used on grey motors. End of submission by FJWB. 
Ryco Z30 Oil Filter showing the Anti Drain Back Valve (orange). Photo by BIJ. Click to Enlargen.
Ryco Z30 Oil Filter Packaging advising the Anti Drain Back Valve. Photo by BIJ. Click to Enlargen.
Ryco Z30 Oil Filter. Photo by BIJ. Click to Enlargen.
Z30 Filter as used with red/blue/black Holden Six Cylinder Engines. Photo by ReaperHR. The Anti Flow Back Valve is a Rubber Flap which can be seen through the Ring of small round Holes. If there is no Rubber inside there, the Anti Flow Back Valve is missing. Click to Enlargen.
Ryco Z30 Filter. By the way the Oil stays around the Ring of small Holes the Filter has an Anti Flow Back Valve fiited.  Photo by ReaperHR. Click to Enlargen.
3.3 VK black Engine with Z30 Oil Filter fitted. Photo by Faust Fuhrer. Click to Enlargen.

Ryco Z30 Type Filters:

Red, blue and black Holden Sixes use Ryco Z30 Type Filters. 

Anti Flow Back Valves:

Holden red, blue and black Six Cylinder Oil Filters should have an Anti Flow Back Valve installed inside them. The purpose of this Valve is to prevent the Oil draining back into the Sump after Shutdown. If this Valve is missing, the Oil Pressure will take a long time to come up on the next cold Start because the Oil Pump has to fill the Filter before filling the Engine and its Oil Galleries. This will make the Valve Lifters rattle more than usual until normal Oil Pressure is reached.

Grey Motors:

These use a Nasco aftermarket by-pass type Filter.



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Oil Filter Without Drain Back Valve



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