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173, 202, 2850 and 3300 non-adjustable Valve Gear. Note the Rockers share a common Saddle. Image by Mark Berner. Click to Enlargen

Non-Adjustable Valve Gear:

149, 179, 161, 186, 186S Adjustable Valve Gear. Note each Rocker Arm has its own support Stud and Nut. Image by Josh Lammi. Click to Enlargen

This page describes the Valve Gear used on 173, 202, 2850 and 3300 Engines .

These Engines had Hydraulic Valve Lifters and Non-Adjustable Rockers. 149, 179, 161, 186 and 186S Engines used Hydraulic Valve Lifters and Adjustable Valve Gear. The same Hydraulic Valve Lifters are used on 149, 179, 161, 186, 186S, 173, 202, 2850 and 3300 Engines.

Timing Check:

At top dead centre valves 1 & 2 will be shut. While 11 & 12 will be "on the rock" as in one almost closed and the other just opening. Also...when setting valves just watch the opposite cylinder. So.....with valves for number 6 on the rock, set number 1. To set cylinder 2 watch number 5. For 3 watch 4.....and so on



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