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Holdenpedia. Don't panic, they are just speed humps.

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Gday everyone, Welcome to Holdenpedia It is a growing collection of articles that is used and added to by the general community about all old Holden cars. Unfortunately it is not complete, you are encouraged to add articles or edit existing articles to add to the information here.

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Wikipedians are probably your best source of help, they can help make your information prettier for the internet or just do it all for you. You can generally find the wikipedians impoving documents, so have a look here. Remember if you are getting someone(a wikipedian) to input the information for you send them as much infomation that you can(including pictures) and of course check their work afterwards. A wikipedian is not to be treated like the farm hack you may or may not beat everyday, they are beautiful people. You can meet the wikipedians in one of their natural habitats[1], maybe ask for Qute or ReaperHR.
The admin has been basking in a type of email zen silence for quite some time and is quite happy with the collection of non-functioning email addresses that are not needed to be checked. No means no and very rarely means yes. We can't send tissues so don't cry, also don't panic or get emotional about something that is really a non-event. Saying the admin is a beautiful person will get you somewhere but sending the admin good cake will do more. Admins have no brain matter whatsoever so don't expect private intelligent banter as it takes too much time and there is way more interest in the maintainance of our maniacal, fundamentalist, cult delightfully sane community. Cake and contact is to be sent via our emotionally unstable secretary Martha.

Holdenpedia co/- Martha Pilterbottom

Thankyou, don't be shy and hurry up.