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Reluctor Star. Photo by Jacks. Click to enlargen.

==Kickback Starts:==A kickback start can occur when the Ignition Timing is too far advanced or when pre-ignition occurs.

===Symptoms:===During an hot start, the engine will crank very slowly and perhaps even stop. The dash warning lights may dim heavily or even go out on each compression.

Cranking can seem similar to a flat Battery or a jamming starter.

===Workaround:===Wait at least 5 minutes after shutdown before attempting a restart. This will give the plug electrodes time to cool down. If the workaround doesn't fix the problem, proceed to the Testing section.

Thermal Vacuum Switch (in the top of the thermostat housing) on a 3.3 Engine. Click to Enlargen. Photo by WB LJE.

===Testing:===Kill the Ignition by removing the Coil lead from the middle of the Distributor and shorting it to ground so the Engine gets no Spark. Crank the Engine and see if the symptom persists.

====The Kickback Start Continues:====This will mean the Spark Plug Electrodes are hot and igniting the Mixture. The fix is to raise the Octane of the Fuel in use, change to a plug of lower heat range, or both.

====The Kickback Start Ceases:====This will mean the Ignition is too far advanced. Retime the Ignition to specification. Also check that the Rotor Button springs back into the retarded position easily. If it doesn't, the Rotor Shaft will need replacing because the Balancve weights are worn out.

====Jamming Starter:====Remove all the Spark Plugs, kill the Ignition and crank again. If the problem still persists, then  the Starter is jamming and will need replacing.

====TVS:====Ex-Factory, the Thermal Vacuum Switch could cause kickback starts any time the Engine Temperature exceeded 104 deg C on HX - VK Holdens. It did this by applying full vacuum to the Distributor until the Engine Temperature fell below 104 deg C.



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