Injector Drop Test

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EFI VK Inlet Manifold, Fuel Rail and Injectors. The Image shows the Connectors on each Injector. Click to Enlargen. Photo by HRPanelvan.

==Injector Drop Test:==

If an EFI Engine seems to be running with one Cylinder not firing, you can confirm the case and which one by disconnecting and reconnecting the Injector connectors one at a time.

EFI VK Coolant Temperature Sensor, Tachometric Relay and Injector. The Image gives a closer view of the Injector Connector. Image by Phillip Gard. Click to Enlargen.

 ===Method:===Set the Engine Idling. The Engine RPM should slow by an equal amount each time an Injector Connector is unplugged and reconnected. If the Engine does not slow down as much as the others or the disconnection makes no difference to the RPM you have located the faulty Cylinder.

The fault may be an Injector or an Injector Connector. It may still be a failed Spark Plug or Valve problem but the test is a very fast way of identifying the faulty Cylinder.




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