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Page created by T Feb 23rd 2008:

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Holdenpaedia Page Creation & Editing:

Creating A New Holdenpaedia Page:

1. Think of a name for your page that is relevant to what you ant it to say and does not exist already.

2. Add the name of your file to the link found in the Holdenpaedia front page. Change any spaces in _ (underscores).

3. Put the whole string into the browser window and hit Enter. The new page will be created for you.

4. Click edit on the new page and add text and images as per the steps in Editing (or making changes to) a New Holdenpaedia Page (found below).

5. It is a help if the new page can be added to the H Index in the correct location and in alphabetical order, but I'll need to do another H Page to cover all that.

6. T can look over your page and format it to look like the others. Post up in the Forum to let us know the page exists. 

Editing (or making changes to) a New Holdenpaedia Page:

1. Make sure you are logged in to Holdenpaedia so that your name will go alongside your work. It's always courteous to give credit where credit's due.

2. Click the "Edit" tab at the top of the H Page.

3. Scroll through until you find the text area you want to add or change info to.

4. Type the text in.

5. Click "Save Page" on the bottom of the page or the floppy disk symbol at the top left. 6. The page will respond with a blank field and a squiggly word. Type the squiggly word into the blank field and hit enter. 

Adding Images to H Pages:

1. The image must be loaded into Holdenpaedia using the "upload file" URL at the left of this page.

2. Once the image is uploaded click on "Recent Changes" and record the imge name exactly ( i.e Uppercase letters and undescoresare vital).

3. Open the very top H page in All Articles. The page is called 10BoltDifferential. Once the page is open click on Edit. Copy the whole line at the top that has the word Image in it. Paste that image into your page and change the photo name and the owner's name.If the page already has images copy and paste another image and change the relevant fields.




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