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Holdenpaedia Image Upload:

To upload an Image to Holdenpaedia, Click on Upload File to the left hand side of this Page.  <img src="file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/TIMGAR%7E1.310/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot.png" alt="" />Click on Browse and select the Image from the Folder on your PC where the Image is located. Click on Upload. If the Image is not already loaded it will be uploaded.If the Image name doesn't already exist, the Image will be uploaded.If the Image size is less than 150k bytes the Image will be uploaded.

Uploading Messages:

Successful Upload:

After a few minutes the following message will appear. It means the upload has completed and was most likely successful. Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 240 seconds exceeded in /inetwan/paedia/extensions/TinyMCE_MW.php on line 226 To confirm the upload was successful  see the Recent Changes section below.  

Uploading a Larger Image:

Simply Click OK if the failure message says that the Image size is larger than 150k bytes.

The Image Already Exists:

If the Image already exists change the name of your new Image e.g rename file.jpg file1.jpg

The Image Name Already Exists:

If the Image name already exists but there is a different Image associated with it rename file.jpg file1.jpg


  • It is recommended that files are no larger than 150 KB; this file is 154 KB.
  • A file with this name exists already, please check Image:YT rollers 001.JPG if you are not sure if you want to change it

Recent Changes:

This is a good way to monitor what has changed in Holdenpaedia. Click on Recent changes here to the upper left of this page. If the Image name comes up then it has been loaded successfully. 

Adding the Image to an Holdenpaedia Page:

 Click on  Recent changes here  to the upper left of this page. When the Image name comes up Click on the name. The image will appear.  Copy this part  Image:file1.jpg Then add the words Image:file1.jpg to your Holdenpaedia Page in the appropriate place. See the Holdenpaedia Page Creation for further details.




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