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Page created by T Feb 16th 2010:

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==Holden Parts Interchangeability:==


By mike81973 16/02/10@02:37 LetsCruise 6230


6cyl red / blue fuel line to vac advance pipe clips same as VB - VL etc body line clips.

EGR 6cyl and 8cyl the same.

Some Torana body clips same as HK, T, G,

Most engine componets except for 73 Torana starters, alternators, engine mounts and brackets.

Starefire 4 and 6cyl rods.

Torana and Holden Door handles.

Torana and Holden bonnet release brackets.

Holden engine bay clips interchange

Torana, HR, HK HT HG mudflaps.

Torana & HR disc callipers.

LH Torana and LJ speakers,

Torana rear speaker and Statesman.

Torana and Holden radio fader control.

Torana and Monaro WW Stromberg carbie bodies and some bases.

186S X2, GTR Torana and Monaro headers,
XU-1 diferent but close to HR X2 perhaps.

HR - HZ diff gears & Small Salsbury.


End of submission by Mike81973




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