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Holden HT:

By ReaperHR

A HT Holden advertisement

Produced May 1969 to June 1970.

With what at first appeared to be superficial changes over the previous HK series the HT entered the market in 1969. The changes that the HT introduced however were far from superficial with far more than a hand full of improvements. One important step in the HT range was the change from the imported 307ci V8 into the Holden produced 308ci and the addition of the 253ci V8. Early HT's were still optionally released with the 307 V8 until Holden used up their stocks and finally the 308ci was optionally available. The imported 350ci V8 was retained however for use in the GTS 350 vehicles.

Some final-run HTs were the first big Holdens to get the new Trimatic three-speed Aussie-made automatic in place of the imported Powerglide two-speed. The new box initially had its problems and was quickly dubbed 'Traumatic' by some taxi drivers who dumped it for a reconditioned Powerglide.

The HT also included minor styling changes, like the altering of the rear guards which reduced the bulbous look from the HK and also a more squared boot like the Broughams had previously. Other changes included a change from metal to plastic for the grille (lower end models), park lights that stayed on with the headlights, and a pantograph right-hand wiper that swept right up to the driver's windscreen pillar.

Tail lights proved a problem on these cars - the housings easily filled with dust and the earthing was poor.

A members restored HT Monaro from oldholden.com

A members HT from oldholden.com

Model Range: Belmont Sedan, Belmont station wagon, Belmont panel van, Belmont utility, Kingswood sedan, Kingswood station wagon, Kingswood utility, Premier sedan, Premier station wagon, Brougham sedan, Monaro coupe, Monaro GTS coupe, Monaro GTS 350 coupe

Figures of Interest
Price New Number Built Engines Transmissions Performance:

0 - 100 km/h


Standing 400m

$2326 183,402 161



253 V8

308 V8

327 V8

350 V8

3 speed column manual

4 speed floor manual

2 speed column automatic

10.1 seconds (253) 17.2 seconds (253)

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and from the following books:
HK - HT - HG Manual by Gregorys
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