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Produced May 1958 to December 1959.

When the FC was released in May 1958 Holden sales had already reached a 50.3% market share. It was at this time that it also became apparent that Holden released a model and then followed it with a facelifted model. The FC Holden was the facelift for the FE Holden.

Changes to the FC over the FE appeared superficial but included:
A grille that included the parking lights and was larger with bolder vertical and horizontal bars on all models and also including blinkers on the Special models at either end of the lower bar, more body decoration including chrome fins on the rear guards, interiors had better trimming, a new radio and speaker grille, half circle horn ring and a black instrument surround. The specials also included two-toned paint which was separated by stainless steel side trims.

Engine capacity was not increased in the FC compared to the FE but a different camshaft was used that gave the car more torque, it also had a slightly improved compression ratio that gave the FC slightly more power than the previous FE.

An FC advertisement

Minor improvements were made to the suspension, brakes, gearchange linkages and steering box.

The FC Holden was released in the types of Standard, Business, Special and Commercial (Ute and Panel Van).

FC 215 - Standard Sedan

FC 217 - Business Sedan

FC 219 - Standard Station Sedan

FC 225 - Special sedan

FC 229 - Special Station Sedan

FC 2104 - Panel Van

FC 2106 - Utility
An FC advertisement

Sales in 1958 exceeded 100,000 for Holdens for the first time and the 500,000th Holden produced was an FC. Also during this production run the 10,000th Holden was exported and export target countries numbered 27.
Figures of Interest
Price New Number Built Engines Transmissions Performance: 0 - 100 km/h Performance: Standing 400m
$2220 191,724 132 3 speed column manual 19.5 seconds 20.8 seconds

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and from the following books:
SPOTLIGHT ON HOLDEN 1948-1959 by Tony Davis
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