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== Holden's export history == Posted by The Age Newspaper January 19, 2005 - 11:54AM

Key dates in Holdens 50-year export history:

1954 - GMH commences export operations in late November with a small shipment of FJ sedans to New Zealand.

1956 - First exports to Thailand, Malaya and North Borneo.

1958 - Export markets grow to 24 including Indonesia, Goa and Mauritius.

1960 - Left-hand drive FB Holdens shipped to Hawaii.

1964 - A record 13,963 Holdens are exported to 61 destinations.

1967 - Total exports reach 100,000.

1973 - The HQ Holden is released and Holden exports a record 41,181 cars.

1975-77 - Hit by the world oil crisis, Holden exports slump, falling to about 7,500 each year.

1978 - First Commodore exports.

1980 - First Statesman and Caprice exports.

1983 - Holden becomes Australia's foremost exporter of manufactured goods with export sales worth more than $189 million.

1991 - Holden's Engine Company marks 10 years of Family II four-cylinder exports. Engine exports reach 1.5 million.

1998 - Holden begins exports of the Commodore to the Middle East and Brazil.

2000 - Exports increase by 37 per cent, contributing $1.3 billion to Australia's balance of trade.

2003 - First shipment of Holden Monaros to the United States start. First engine exports from the new Melbourne V6 engine plant.

2004 - Monaro exports to the United Kingdom begin. Total vehicle exports reach a record 52,372.