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By ReaperHR

An EH Ute

EH Holden:

Produced August 1963 to January 1965.

In August 1963 Holden released it's new model, the EH. The new styling of the EJ was refined in the EH with straighter rear guards and a lower roof amongst other styling upgrades. But the improvements didn't stop at cosmetics, the EH included Holdens new Red Motor, finally Holden had upgraded from the old Grey Motor which even though reliable was seriously underpowered for the new styles of car Holden was starting to produce.

Holden had finally decided to put more focus on the motors in their cars, the EH actually came with an option of what sized motor the consumer wanted, either a 149ci or a 179ci was available, there also was available a 179HP (High Performance) motor which included a stronger crank and is still a sought after block for old holden enthusiasts today. The main let down for the new model was that the old column shift manual was barely strong enough to handle the new 149 and was pitifully inferior behind the new 179. The king pin front end was also a let down behind the new motors and the brakes were not improved to handle the new power. Over the old grey motor the 149 had a 33% power increase and the 179 a 54% power increase, and with no noticeable improvements to handling or braking the EH was a little behind the times. The Hydramatic Automatic gearbox had another gear added making it now a four speed box.
The New Red Motor was released with the EH series

The EH though was a terrific seller for Holden, 250,000+ EH holdens were sold in just 18 months, showing just how popular they were in their day, today they remain one of the most popular old holdens for enthusiasts and are commonly thought of as one of the best designed of all the old holdens. With basic improvements to the front end and steering using later model components the EH Holden can compare with any other old holden in every department and beat most for raw appeal.

The EH Holden range also included Holdens first attempt at a purpose built race car, the S4. There were only 120 S4 EH Holdens produced and they were inferior on the track compared to the Ford Cortina GT, but they were only the first steps on the new path for Holden. The S4 had a few features that were later included on other models such as a brake booster and there were also rumours that Holden was working on an S22 EH but it never came about. The S4, however it may have lacked, still showed that with the new Red Motor, Holden was committed to improving their cars with performance in mind. The V8 Holdens however were 4 more years away so even with the later produced 179 X2 Holden was still behind the competition in the performance department (although only by 5kw compared to the valiant).

The EH entered the market at the same time as the new Ford Falcon which created a fair bit of rivalry between die-hard fans of one or the other, rivalry which continues to today in their newer models. The EH however was sold as Australias Own, much like the other early holdens, even though the designs for most came from American General Motors design teams or European cars.

The EH Panel Van

The EH Models:

EH 215 - Standard sedan

EH 219 - Standard station sedan (station wagon)

EH 225 - Special sedan (Plus the very rare S4 Special Sedan)

EH 229 - Special station sedan (station wagon)

EH 235 - Premier sedan

EH 239 - Premier station sedan (station wagon)

EH 2106 - Utility

EH 2104 - Panel van

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