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VB - VK Commodore Headlight Switch in the ON Position. The empty Space is where the Dimmer is mounted. Photo by T. Click to Enlargen.

Headlight Switch VB - VK:

The Headlight Switch in VB - VK Commodores is prone to burning internally which causes a failure of the Switch.


The internal Contacts within the Headlight Switch begin to burn with age and Current Draw. The Contacts then become resistive and create an un-acceptable Voltage Drop inside the Switch which causes the Switch to melt. Then the Headlights no longer work.

Switch Plug Connector Removal:

The Plug Connector on the back of the Switch can also become burned. It will then be hard to separate from the Switch so use a small Screwdriver and go around the Switch in circles, levering the Connector a little at a time until the Plug Connector can be removed by Hand.
VB - VK Commodore Headlight Switch. The Switch is a press fit into the Dash. Photo by T. Click to Enlargen.

Switch Replacement Details:

First, disconnect the Battery Terminals from the Battery. On VK's, the Switch is removed by removing the Dash Panel below the Switch. Push on the Switch from behind so that it will pop out from the Dash.On VB - VH, the Switch is levered from the Dash with a small Screwdriver Dash.Remove the Plug Connector from the Switch. Replace the Switch. Refit the Plug Connector. Push the Switch back into the Dash. Refit the Lower Panel (VK's). Reconnect the Battery Terminals to the Battery. Test the new Switch.
VB - VK Commodore Headlight Switch. Photo by T. Click to Enlargen.

Headlight Re-Work:

A Re-Work can be achieved by fitting 2 Headlight Relays, one for Low Beam and another for High Beam. See the Diagram for Details. Have the Blinker Stalk Wires control the Relays. This will significantly lower the Current flowing through the Headlight Switch and reduce the likelihood of the Switch Contacts burning.The Headlights will be brighter because no other device will share their Circuit. The Dash Bulbs will be brighter. The Ignition will be stronger and the ancillary equipment will perform better when the Headlights are activated because the Headlights will not load their Circuits. Don't forget that some positions of the Blinker Stalk caused high and low beams to activate simultaneously,  briefly overloading the original Switch Wiring. That issue is cured with a Relay Conversion.
VB - VK Commodore Headlight Switch. Photo by T. Click to Enlargen.
Headlight Rework. Image by T. Triple Click to Enlargen.




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