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Original submission by T Apr 12th 2007:

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Holden Headlight Switch. Click to Enlargen. Photo by Jacks.

Headlight Switch Removal:

Headlight Switch Details:

This type of headlight switch contains circuit breakers that are designed to flash if the headlight current become excessive. Simple fuses could blow and leave the driver in the dark at a critical time whereas a circuit breaker will flash on and off and at least continue to provide some light.

Important Points:

Note 2 things. 1. The small knob at the bottom of the picture that the arrow points to. 2. The circular nut between the wire and the Headlight Switch Knob. This holds the Headlight Switch in place.

Removing the Knob:

To release the Headlight Switch Knob, pull the Headlight Switch Knob right out to the on position. Then push on the small black button while you gently pull on the black Headlight Switch Knob. Completely remove the black Headlight Switch Knob from the dash.

Removing the Switch:

Once the Headlight Switch Knob has been completely removed, unscrew and remove the circular nut, then the lightswitch can be removed. Thread

Kingswood Headlight Switch Availability:

They are still available new. They are identical to the US GM product and there's hundreds on ebay at any one time.
There's at least 7 on this page below http://www.ebay.com....End of submission by myeh.

Removing the Switch VB - VK Commodore:

Remove the Lower Dash Panel. THe headlight Switch simply pushes forward out of the Dash from the Rear. Unplug the PLug Connector.


HeadlightSwitch VB VK



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