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Back to Electrical IndexPage created by T July 1st 2007:

HQ/HJ Wiper Motor with Solenoid Activated Washer Pump. Image by 308HJ-UTE. Click to Enlargen.

HQ Washer Conversion:

Early HQ's used a Lucas wiper motor that had a solenoid activated plunger to supply the washer nozzles.
This was not a success because the plunger did not always deactivate when it wasn't needed.
The result was that the washers could be seen to continuously pump water from the washer nozzles even when they weren't activated. The washer bottle soon emptied and as a result was unable to spray the windscreen when it was really needed.

Redirect The Spray Wire:

A fix is to fit the washer pump from an HZ as is shown here. The wire originally connected to the wiper motor solenoid is redirected to the rotary pump shown in the upper left hand side of the image. 
HZ Washer Bottle and Pump (Top Left). Image by Tim. Click to Enlargen.

 You can also buy aftermarket Washer Bottles that mount the Washer Pump directly into the Washer Bottle.
Windscreen Washer Bottle on a 202 UC. Note the pump motor mounted underneath. Click to Enlargen. Photo by T.
Windscreen Washer Bottle, sadly on a bent UC. Note the pin sized breather hole to allow air in to replace a falling fluid level. Without it the spray delivery would stop. Click to Enlargen. Photo by KaliMajik.





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