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HQ Holden Monaro. Click to Enlargen. Photo by Leroy.


==HQ Heavy Clutch:==


Holden 3 Speed All Synchro Gearbox and Bell housing as used in HQ - WB. Click to Enlargen. Photo by Tim_202.


There are 5 main possibilities that can explain your heavy clutch, or it may be a combination of all 5.

1. The Tonner Pressure Plates have a higher clamping pressure (to reduce/eliminate slipping) and are heavier to use. Solution: Replace with a passenger car type pressure plate.

2. Some of the clutch forks have 2 holes in the end of the clutchfork for the pushrod. Solution: If your pushrod is in the inner hole, move it to the outer hole to get more leverage.

3. Your clutch linkage (assuming the original rat-trap design here) may have loose mountings allowing it to twist when you depress the clutch pedal. Also, the pivot points of the rat-trap mechanism are almost certainly worn after more than 30 years and that can cause the linkages to bind on each other and also twist making your clutch heavier. Solution: Tighten bolts after removing and reconditioning the linkages.

4. Your clutchfork pivot inside your bellhousing may be gunked up with accumulated dirt/grease/gunk. Solution: Remove inspection plate and clean out the grease/gunk and replace with a small amount of new grease on the pivot and input shaft cover where the thrust bearing slides.

5. Your bushes on the pivot point of your clutch pedal may be worn and/or your clutch pedal may be worn as well where it pivots. Solution: Check and renew bushes/recondition pedal as necessary.

Another possibility is that someone has changed the clutch actuation system (to cable/hydraulic) and hasn't lined everything up properly or maybe they have adapted the HQ pedal to the new actuation system and the HQ pedal doesn't have enough leverage to operate it. Solution: Make sure all parts of the system operate in as straight a line as possible. Compare your clutch pedal with one from an HZ and/or WB (depending on actuation system) to see if it is different.

If you have a Celica/Supra 5 speed behind a 6 cyl, these need the V8 clutch fork with less leverage but have a smaller pressure plate so they are heavy (and can be VERY heavy). Solution: Get a hydraulic conversion and install it. Talk to a Brake and Clutch company about possible different sized Master and Slave cylinders to make your clutch lighter. You can also convert your 6 cyl to a Blue/Black motor flywheel as they use a bigger pressure plate (similar size to the red V8's) and this will make your clutch lighter at the pedal.


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