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HQ Holden Sedan. Click to Enlargen. Photo by Murray Roberts.

HQ-WB Interchangeable Parts:

Interchangeable Parts:

HJ - WB Kingswood Bonnets:

For the base models, these are the same. Statesman models may be different.

HQ - WB Panels and a few other bits and pieces (what fits what?):

 WB Panel Van. Click to Enlargen. Photo by Gossy.

All the mounting points on the body/chassis are common throughout the HQ - WB's except the HQ’s have 3 bolts at the rear of the front guards (behind the kick-panels) whereas the later models only have 2. Some people have suggested that using all 3 bolts is better; some say that 2 are all you need. If you only use two of the guard mounting bolts, seal up the third hole to prevent water leaking into your car. The inner guards over the front wheels are also common throughout the models.
All panels will fit all body styles except where noted below.
It is the panel fit and where the various panels bolt to each other between the 3 "stages" of development that make the fronts hard to mix 'n' match. The 3 stages or groups are HQ, HJ – HZ and WB. The following sections are grouped by major component area:


Thanks to Mark, Bruce, John and Dr Terry for their input into this missive:
OK people, here goes. Lets see if we can get all the information in one spot on what is and isn't interchangeable between the models as far as bolt-on panels and bits and pieces go.
Disclaimer: This information is provided free of charge and it is worth every cent! Use the information provided here at your own risk, it is provided as a guide only. Errors and omissions are exempted. Any corrections, please E-mail qute@oldholden.com


Windscreens are interchangeable between all sedans/wagons/utes/vans/1 Tonners but not coupes.
HQ front door windows are different to all later models.
HJ – WB front door windows are all interchangeable.
Rear door windows, rear windows and wagon rear-side windows are interchangeable across models but HQ and HJ Statesman rear windows are not interchangeable. Rear door wind up windows are common between sedans and statesmans. Sedan/statesman rear door windows will not fit wagons. and vice versa. HQ – HZ Statesman rear doors wind up windows will fit sedans.HQ - HZ rear door fixed 1/4 windows there are 3 types sedans. wagon. statesman. WB Statesman rear door windows, rear quarter windows and rear windscreens are one on their own.
All Coupes (HQ/HJ/HX) have unique glass, doors and window regulators (front and rear). All other bolt on/in parts are interchangeable with 4 doors/utes/vans/etc.


Front doors are interchangeable between all models and body styles from HQ through to WB, except the coupes. Late HX and HZ and WB doors have anti-intrusion bars in them and are much heavier than the early doors, but will still fit earlier models.
Utes, vans, and 1 tonner doors dont have anti-intrusion bars
HQ – HZ wagon rear doors are interchangeable with each other but not Statesmans.
WB Statesman and Caprice rear door windows, rear quarter windows and rear windscreens are one on their own. As are WB Statesman rear doors and boot lids.
Door mirrors are interchangeable along with the doors. All HQ – HZ models up to and including Premiers used the same door mirrors. HJ and later Statesmans used different mirrors (I think they have different mounts too).
WB mirrors are unique. The commercial vehicles had one type of mirror and the Statesman/Caprice models had either cable operated remote mirrors (Series 1) or identical looking electrically operated mirrors (Series 2 Caprice).
The third group of mirrors are the GTS mirrors. I think they use the same mounts as the standard mirrors.
( GTS mirrors have differnt mounting brackets )
Factory Central Locking is a bolt in/wire in operation across all doors.  *****I think there needs to be something mentioned about REAR SEDAN DOORS**** As I thought rear wagon doors were the same as sedan....as I have no knowledge on this subject, perhaps someone else does???*******  The rear doors are not interchangable between sedans and station wagons. The shape of the door is different along the top edge. The sedan doors slope downwards because of the shape of the roof. The station wagon doors do not slope downwards as the roof line is straight. Basically we shold have 5 types of doors 1) HQ-HJ-HX coupe only 2) WB rear statesman only 3) HQ-J-X-Z Rear statesman door 4) HQ-J-X-Z Wagon door ( actually statesman and wagon rear door shells i thin kare the same but the glass is diferent ) 5) All front doors are the same HQ-J-X-Z-WB  ( HQ has a slight diference in the crease  where the chrome strip goes , HZ-WB had the intusion bars inside - but all still fit and interchange )  

Front Panels:

HQ and HQ – HZ Tonners have one style of front panels, HJ – HZ (except Tonners) have a second grouping and WB (including Tonners) have a third grouping. All front panels must belong to the same grouping or they will not line up.
HJ - WB Bonnets have a much higher ridge in the middle of them (compared to HQ’s) that is also narrower at the front and wider at the back than the HQ. WB bonnets will fit HJ – HZ (except tonners without the sedan front option)
There are 9 major styles of nosecones in the HQ – WB series. These are:
1. HQ single headlight.
2. HQ Premier twin headlight.
3. HQ Statesman twin headlight, twin grille.
4. HQ – HZ Tonner, same as HQ single headlight but with mounts for indicators between the headlights and the grille. These also have a pressed metal grille instead of a recessed plastic version.
5. HJ – HZ single headlight.
6. HJ – HZ Premier/Statesman twin headlight.
7. WB Ute/Van round headlight
8. WB Kingswood ute square headlight
9. WB Statesman/Caprice.
There are 8 different Radiator Support panels in the range. The HQ Premier and Statesman use the same radiator support panel. The HQ – HZ Tonners share their Radiator Support panel with the standard, single headlight HQ’s, but with the addition of a small, grometed, hole between the headlight and radiator for the indicator wire to go through.
HQ guards have the side mould line running into the nosecone. HJ – HZ have this line ending just behind the nosecone. WB guards are "cut off" much higher in front of the front wheel to allow for the different stone tray on these models that goes around the front corner of the car.


All HQ models, except the Tonner, share the same front bumper. Later HQ had the front park-lights in the headlights, so have orange front indicators.
HQ – HZ Tonners share a rounded front bumper with no provision for any lights. Their front indicators are situated between the headlights and the grille.
All HJ – HZ models share their front bumpers.
WB Commercial models share a front bumper style which is different to the Statesman and Caprice models.
HQ sedans and HQ coupes share a rear bumper with the stop/tail and indicator lights set into it. HJ – HX Coupes have a bumper that is interchangeable with HQ sedans and coupes. The difference is that the HJ – HX bumpers have cut-outs for the different jacking systems originally supplied with the later models. These bumpers will fit later sedans.
HQ Statesmans have a unique rear bumper with a "cut-out" for the tail-lights.
HJ – HZ sedans share a common rear bumper. The wagon equivalents share a different rear bumper.
HQ – WB utes/vans all share the same rear bumperettes. If you want a full rear bumper on your well-body ute, the wagon rear bumpers will fit and will allow you to open your tailgate.
WB Statesman Deville and Caprice have unique front and read bumpers, bumperettes and ilights.


All HQ – HZ wagons have interchangeable tailgates.
All HQ – WB utes and vans have interchangeable bottom tailgates. The van tailgates have cut-outs in the top corners.
All HQ – WB Vans have the same top tailgate.

Boot Lids:

Except for the "rise" in the middle of the Statesman and HZ boot lids (except HZ GTS), all HQ – HZ sedans share the same boot lid. They look a bit different, but are interchangeable. And they are the same as the coupes as well.
The HZ GTS used the earlier boot lid without the "hump" so the rear spoiler would fit.
WB Statesman Deville and Caprice models have a unique boot lid.

Interior bits:

HQ dashes (and dash carrier panel including the plenum chamber pressing or Cowl panel) are unique.
HJ – HX models share the dash and dash mounts.

HZ – WB (WB utes/vans ONLY) share their dash and mounting panels.

WB Statesman and Caprice models have a unique dash and mounting panel.

HJ – HZ tonners have a unique Cowl panel (plenum chamber pressing) to allow the HQ front panels to line up and the later dash to bolt in.

HQ model GTS dashes will bolt into any HQ.

HJ – HZ and WB utes/vans will accept each others GTS dashes.

HJ – WB (all models except tonners) share the plenum chamber pressing or Cowl Panel (where your wipers and the vent between the windscreen and bonnet are located).

Front seats are interchangeable from HQ – HZ.

WB Statesman and Caprice models have a unique floor and unique bucket seats/seat runners.

WB utilities have the same floor as the earlier models, but the floor mounting holes appear to be drilled for Commodore seats, and are not interchangeable with HQ-Z.

Interior mirrors/sun visors/consoles/door trims/carpets are interchangeable between all models of equivalent wheelbase (see below for wheelbase specifications).


All HQ sedans (except Statesmans) and HQ - HX coupes have common rear lights in the bumper. These bumpers/lights were common on the back of the tonners at one stage.

All HQ – HZ wagons/vans/utes and the HQ Statesman had common rear lights with detail differences on the surrounds and lenses.

All HJ – HZ sedans (except Statesman) had common rear lights.

All HJ – HZ Statesman models had common tail-lights.

WB Statesman and Caprice models had interchangeable tail-lights with detail differences.

WB vans and utes had unique tail-lights to all other models (had a separate, clear reversing light built in). These lights will bolt into the earlier wagons/vans/utes with some wiring changes for the separate reversing lights.

Mechanical Parts (overview only):

All Red/Blue/Black motors will bolt into any HQ – WB. Even the later EFI 5 litre will bolt in. You will need an appropriate sump and oil pickup, you will need to rearrange your wiring in your engine bay and change your radiator (maybe) but they will all bolt in.

Chevrolet Small Block V8’s will bolt in with the appropriate engine mounts/sumps/etc. The Chevrolet 350 (5.7 litre) V8 was an option on HQ models only (it was an option on the Monaro and Statesman - it wasn't available in the other sedans or station wagons).

Gearboxes available as Original Equipment were 3 speed all synchro, 4 speed all synchro (all Aussie), Trimatic (a close relative to the Turbo180), Turbo350 and Turbo400. Adaptors are made to bolt basically any gearbox to any motor in these cars. A popular choice is the Supra 5 speed. The Turbo350 and Turbo400 gearboxes were only available with 308 or 350 V8’s. The blocks with these last 2 gearboxes also had a different bell-housing bolt pattern. If you have one of these, an early Turbo700, four speed auto bolts in relatively easily. 308’s were available with either the "Aussie" or "Turbo" bell-housing bolt pattern.

From the late HX models through HZ and WB, Holden released "Radial Tuned Suspension" or RTS. Basically, they made the cars handle much better. Bolting on an RTS front sub-frame or chassis (if it a ute/van/tonner) will make your early model handle much better (with some work to the rear suspension on sedans/wagons/coupes).

Power steering from any of these models will bolt into all of them. The 6 and V8 steering was the same. There were a couple of different manual steering ratios available…HJ and later cars had lighter steering in manual form.

There were 2 main styles of Diff available, the Banjo and the Salisbury. The Banjo had a "bolt in" centre, whereas the Salisbury had to be taken apart to get the centre out of the housing. The easiest way to tell what diff you have is to look at it. If it has a plate bolted to the back of the housing, it is a Salisbury. Available ratios in both diff types were: 2.6:1, 2.78:1, 3.08:1, 3.36:1, 3.55:1, 3.90:1 and 4.44:1.   The WB series, 6 cylinder van and ute, used a Salisbury axle housing that was different to all the HQ-WB V8 Salisbury housings. This new "small" Salisbury axle housing was called the "heavy duty" 6 cylinder commercial axle housing by GMH. This "small" Salisbury axle housing contains a diff centre that is the same as the earlier (HQ-HZ) 6 cylinder Banjo housings. Thus, you can interchange any earlier 6 cylinder Banjo diff centre, and gears, with these WB "small" Salisbury axle housings. The WB 1-tonner, both 6 cylinder and V8, used the same V8 diff, tailshaft, and "big" Salisbury axle housing, as all the earlier V8 powered Holdens. The axles in the 6 cylinder diffs were coarse spline from HQ to HJ. The HX to WB 6 cylinder rear axles came with the new, improved, fine spline axles.

All sedans (except Statesman) had a 111" wheelbase. Wagons, Statesmans, vans and well-body utes had a 114" wheelbase. Tonners had a 120.4" wheelbase. Driveshafts are grouped by wheelbase and either 6 or V8 (V8 tailshafts are thicker).

Brake Pedal Rubbers:

HZ - VS Autos use the same brake pedal rubber - GMH number 07433702.

Further Info:

1. Coupes have more unique interior bits than stated, sun visors and Rear vision mirrors are shorter in the vertical than all other body types. i.e. will fit but may be not be roadworthy due to obscuring vision. (Source 1973 HQ parts book)
2. WB Utes/vans and tonners can use earlier model bench seats, but not buckets, the outer mounting holes used for the bench did not change, but the inner mounting for the bucket seats did. Extra note early HQ seats without headrests may not meet the ADR / RWC rules on later models (Source - personal wasted time stuffing about)

Anthony - Lettuce Alone SS

Statesman and Wagon Door differences. Photo by Kinswood. Click to Enlargen.
Statesman and Wagon Door differences. Photo by Kinswood. Click to Enlargen.


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