HK HT HG monaro identification

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Tonkas HT Monaro

80337- L6 engine, "monaro" coupe
80437- V8 engine, "monaro" coupe (Not in HK)
80737- L6 engine, "monaro gts" coupe
80837- V8 engine, "monaro gts" coupe (not in HK)
81837- V8 engine, "monaro gts 350" coupe GTS 327 in HK)
In HK GM-H did not have seperate model numbers for 6 cylinder and V8
* next letter is the series K= HK, T=HT, G=HG

H1-H4 = Brisbane plant
H5-H9= Sydney plant
J1-J9= Melbourne plant
L1-L5= Adelaide plant
L6-L9= Perth plant



== Paint codes HK Monaro Models ==
1764= Bright Blue Met
2033= Cambridge Blue
10845= Ermine white
10064= Inca Gold Met
3912= Kingston Cream
9713= Marlin Turquoise
1285= Picardy Red
10958= Pinaroo Beige
1704= Silver Mink Met
10846= Warwick Yellow

== Paint Codes HT Monaro Models ==
11425= Daytona Bronze Metalic