HK/HT/HG Gearbox Ratios

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Page created by Qute Mar 13th 2005:

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==HK/HT/HG Gearbox Ratios:==







 Reverse First
 Third Fourth
  Powerglide (6 Cyl) Automatic 1.82:1 1.82:1  1:1  
  Trimatic (6 Cyl) HG Automatic 1.85:1 2.31:1 1.46:1 1:1 
 Powerglide (V8)  Automatic  1.76:1  1.76:1 1:1  
 3 Speed (Sync)  Manual 3.59:1  3.07:1  1.68:1  1:1 
  4 Speed Opel (6 Cyl Only) Manual  3.317:1 3.428:1 2.156:1 1:1 
 4 Speed (M21)  Manual   2.54:1  2.54:1 1.80:1 1.44:1  1:1
 4 Speed (M22)  Manual   2.85:1  2.85:1 2.05:1 1.35:1 1:1


===The M22 Gearbox:===

Submission by Dr Terry.

The M22 gearbox in the HK/T/G series is a Saginaw box & is nothing like the M22 box used in the HQ-WB 6 cyl commercials. The HQ-WB M22 box is an Aussie 4-speed similar to the normal M20/M21 boxes in the HQ-WB series.

The M22 Saginaw box has the 1st gear ratio of 2.85, but the M22 Aussie has a 1st gear ratio of 3.74. The combination of the 4.44 diff & the 3.74 1st gear was fitted so that a 6 cyl 1 Tonner could still do a hill start on a steep hill without burning out the clutch even if it was overloaded.

The best diff to fit in its place for street use, would be the 3.08 & keep the M22 box. It still has a nice low 1st gear so your clutch will last but top gear is 1:1 same as any other 4-speed.

Dr Terry.

Introduced with the 1967 HR 186S, Opel 4 Speed All synchro Gearbox. Avaliable in 6cyl only, standard on Monaro and Monaro GTS with the 186S. A Weak box, originally designed for German Opel 4 cylinder cars. Even a standard 161 could break one within 50K miles.





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