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HJ GTS Dash. Click to Enlargen. Photo by 74HJLS.

==HJ-WB GTS Dash Info:==

Please note that this is a work in progress! I am on the hunt for pictures of the various dashes to add in.
My aim here is to have all the relevant info in one place, to help people identify what they have, or what they want or what would have been originally in their particular model.

HJ GTS Dash. Click to Enlargen. Photo by 74HJLS.

===General Info:===They all have the same set of instruments:
Large speedo on the right of the steering column, large tacho on the left of the steering column, and a clock between the speedo and tacho. On the left of the tacho are four guages: water temperature, fuel gauge, oil pressure and voltmeter. There are also a few warning lights for highbeam, handbrake and brake failure, and your indicators, of course. The lights for the indicators are located in the tacho and speedo. The gauge holder they all mount on is the same as the standard HX/HZ dash (it has the same part number stamped on it), but the wiring loom is different from the standard dash. The lenses for HIGHBEAM were always blue, and the lenses for HANDBRAKE and BRAKE FAIL are always red.
The tachos have a switch on the back for 6 or 8 cylinder operation, as GTS dashes were optional in 6 cylinder cars.
===HJ GTS Dash:==='Thanks to 74hjls for these photos. Note the "Monaro LS" badging on the crash pad between the vents on the far side.

These dashes have white needles in the gauges. In the HJ, the two warning lights between the tacho and speedo are HIGHBEAM on the left and both HANDBRAKE/BRAKE FAIL combined on the right. Dash facia was painted silver, with some woodgrain facias in some LE Monaros.
===HX GTS Dash:===Again, these dashes have white needles in the guages. In the HX, the two warning lights between the tacho and speedo are HANDBRAKE on the left and BRAKE FAIL on the right. The HIGHBEAM indicator was moved to the speedo. Later HX models had the "RTS - Radial Tuned Suspension" badge on the left hand side of the facia, under the air vent. The wiring loom is different to the HJ GTS Dash due to the separate HANDBRAKE and BRAKE FAIL lights, and the HIGHBEAM light in the speedo. Dash facia was also painted silver. As with all HX's, the wiper controls were moved from the dash to the indicator stalk.
===HZ/WB GTS Dash:===

HZ GTS Dash - Note that the hole for the radio has been enlarged for a modern car stereo, and has had a choke cable fitted. May have been installed in a 6 cylinder car, as I don't believe V8's had a choke cable.
These were basically the same as the HX GTS dash, with a couple of minor changes. With the HZ and WB, the needles in the gauges are yellow. The numbers on the tacho and speedo were moved to the inside of the increments. A trip meter was put into the speedo. The dash facia was black, with some burl woodgrain facias in HZ SLE's.
The information above was gathered from a few posts from the oldholden.com forum, from replies by Qute, Arsewipe, Webber and myself (Hairy-Dude) to questions regarding HJ-WB GTS Dashes. It may or may not be complete. If you have any further info, please contact an admin to help edit this page and upload any photos.




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