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General Information

==HJ - HZ Draglink Difference:==

With the advent of Radial Tuned Suspension, the Draglink design was changed.

===HQ - WB Draglink Differences:===

... I have some good information to add to / change the Holdenpedia.

Specifically to the page on HQ-WB draglinks. I've often got into discussion with others regrading the fact that the longer steering arms and the necessary change to the draglink was not related to RTS but was a running change on HJ.
This is the page.
Good news is I have the definitive "proof" it also provides a little more information on what the precise changes were. I found GM Service Letter for Group 9 dated February 29 1976, Subject "Reduced Steering Effort" Models: HJ/HQ.
This was a production running change, introduced on the different lines depending on stock levels.
It was also available as a kit with all parts to retro fit HQ/HJ (part no. 9940401) on customers request at cost.

The parts changed were the Steering Connecting Rod (draglink) geometry changed to provide clearance for the tie rod ends, steering arms (22% longer), pitman arm and idler lever (3% shorter). This increased the steering ratio by about 25% making the steering lighter.

Other interesting facts about the changes that were mentioned in the service letter.
1. All manual steer cars received the long steering arms except GTS.
2. GTS got the other new parts including the connecting rod, but not the long steering arms, this actually made the ratio very slightly taller. (More direct)
3. Power Steer cars also kept the original arms but got the new connecting rod, pitman arm and idler lever to keep a common forging ( i.e. cost)this increased the steering ratio by approx. 3%
4. Chassis cab prior to this change apparently had unique steering arms and these were deleted in production and all manual steer tonners received the new manual steer setup.

Anthony - Lettuce Alone SS

The difference between a non RTS Draglink(HJ/HX) and the RTS Draglink(HZ) Click to Enlargen. This diagram was kindly provided by Marty at Kingswood Country and 308HJ-Ue




General Information