Grey Motor Distributor Replacement

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Page created by T August 15th 2007:

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Grey 132 cu in Holden Six Cylinder Engine in (48-215)FX. Note the AC combination Vacuum Fuel Pump in the lower right of the image. Click to enlargen. Photo by John (Arsewipe).

Grey Motor Distributor Replacement:

The thing to be careful with when installing a grey motor distributor is that the oil pump is driven by the end of it.When you install the distributor, make sure that the drive engages with the oil pump as the distributor goes in. If it doesn't the distributor will stick up too high. Also the oil pump won't turn.If the distributor won't engage remove it from the engine and rotate the oil pump with a long screwdriver until it's in the correct position.Grey motor ignition timing is at
Firing order Holden V8 and 6  and T

Correct Oil Pump Engagement:

Some people use the same method as installing a Chev Distributor.Submitted by WBJailwagon on Thu, 08/02/2007 - 11:23.
If the Distributor does not engage in the Oil Pump (sits too high) then continue to hand crank the Engine while applying light pressure to the top of the Distributor. You will feel it engage. Then return the Engine to TDC compression No. 1 and see if the Rotor lines up properly.
Then put it all back together, start it up and adjust timing with a light.
Cheers, Jeff.




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