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Page created by T Dec 4th 2007:

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===What is Grammer:===


Grammar is a term that describes the proper use of words.


You've probably heard the old gag "My Grammer's dead." It's a pun on Gramma and Grammer.


A similar one is made about old English Manors. "Not very good manners." You get the idea anyway.


The info posted up at OH is far more important than worduse and I never want to discourage anyone

from posting up their experience over the use of words.


===Misuse of Words:=== 

Here are some commonly misused abbreviations. Folks can mostly work out what you mean but if you want make your point clearer

these may help.


Your - this is used with ownership as in your car. It means that you are the owner of the car

You're - Short for you are as in You're going too - meaning that you will be going on the cruise with others

A typical post post will say Your going to. A literal tranlation is that the going that belongs to you is headed somewhere. The destination is unstated making the sentence incomplete.  


Too - Short for "also" or "as well". 

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