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Page by one_tunna_lova.

Figure 1 .Image by one_tunna_lova. Click to Enlargen.

Glovebox Locks:

The below diagrams and instructions were written by one_tunna_lova, and were based on a HQ-WB glove box lock. Other models may be the same.


Figure 1 shows the different positions the barrel can be inside the chamber (ie, what position the knob is in when looking at it), as well as what the main parts are.

Figure 2 shows the positions the barrel and latch can be in. Image by one_tunna_lova. Click to Enlargen.


1. Open glovebox lid 2. Insert the key and turn the lock fully anti clockwise (locked position). 3. Put key in fully, and press on the pin (using the end of a small screwdriver or similar) visible in the slot at the top front of the barrel (not the hole labelled in the picture!). Pull the key out slightly untill the barrel can be pulled out aswell. 4. You may have to wriggle the key and barrel to get it to come out. 5. Sit the chamber aside and undo the holding nut on the outside of the glovebox lid (screwed into the chamber). It is an 8 sided nut. If required find something to undo it with.6. The chamber should easily pull out of the glovebox lid from behind.  If the barrel has been previously replaced backwards, use these steps instead:<b>Method 1</b>2. Turn knob to latched position (See figure 1). To do this simply turn it fully clockwise, and pull the latch up and the knob should flick around anti clockwise a little.3. Put key in fully, and press on the pin (using the end of a small screwdriver or similar) labelled in Figure 2. Slowly pull the key out untill the barrel can be pulled out aswell.
4. You may have to then press on the next pin, or push the key all the way in again (without pushing the barrel in) for it to come out further. Continue to do this untill all the pins have cleared the holding nut, and the barrel comes completly out of the chamber. 
Figure 3. Image by one_tunna_lova. lick to Enlargen.


1. Fit the chamber back into the glovebox lid, and secure it with the holding nut. 2. Remove the key if fitted. 3. Position the barrel so that the pins on the end are facing the chamber as in Figure 3 A (the knob is in the latched position). In Figure 3 A, pin A is the longest and pin B is the shortest.Its possible to put the barrel in backwards, but the lock may not work (im unable to test it), and if its backwards the lock can be removed without a key (where normally a key would be required). 4. Push the barrel into the chamber. Make sure you are holding the latch fully open while doing so. It wont go right in untill you push down a pin on the left side of the knob so it clears the holding nut. 5. Once that pin is in it should wriggle down into the chamber. Make sure the long pin of the barrel is positioned above the spring, as shown in Figure 3 B (Red is pins, Purple is spring). If you didnt hold the latch open while putting in the barrel it will be almost impossible to get this to happen. 6. Once the barrel is fully in it shouldnt come out on its own.  Check you have positioned the spring and barrel pins correctly by turning the knob fully clockwise (unlocked position), and then lifting the latch closed with your finger (simulating a closing glovebox). The knob should spring back anticlockwise to the latched position. If it doesnt, remove the barrel again and check the spring, otherwise you will have big trouble closing your glovebox. 7. If you have a key, put it in and turn it anti clockwise. Make sure the lock is locking as required. Once locked, the knob shouldnt turn without the key in it.

Figureb4 . Image by one_tunna_lova. Click to Enlargen.




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