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Beechworth RACV Breakdown Van, an FB. Photo by Sliver. Click to Enlarge.

Also see: Work Guides for detailed information on installation of items into the below areas of your vehicle.

Melbourne cnr Elizabeth and Collins Streets facing south towards Flinders Street Station circa 1969. Photo by HRAmbo. Click to Enlarge.

Air Conditioning


Body Parts

Holden FE Special Sedan. Photo by Daves59. Click to Enlarge.

Collins Street east of Russell Street Melbourne, facing eastwards circa 1967. Photo by HRAmbo. Click to Enlarge.

Brakes Wheels and Suspension

Anti roll bars (AKA sway bars - what they do, how they work and how to change them)

Holden Dealer circa 1964. Photo by HRAmbo. Click to Enlarge.





* Compressor Braking
* Coolant Leaks
* Coolant Recovery System
* Cooling System
* Electric Cooling Upgrades
* Conversion To EL Falcon Fans
* Cracked Cylinder Head, Grey Motor
* Electric Water Pumps
* Fans
* Fan-Braking
* Fan Clutch
* Fan Positioning
* Filling the Radiator
* How to improve the cooling on your old holden...???
* Overheating
* Thermatic Fans
* Thermo Fan Switch
* Tridon Thermostats
* Thermostat Housings
* Water Pump: Six Cylinder
* Water Pump: V8
* Why Does My Engine Overheat When I Stop

Diff and Gearbox Prefixes, Codes and Specifications

Differential Codes, Ratio's, Crown & Pinion Gear Teeth & Model Availability
* Differential Information
* HK/HT/HG Gearbox Ratios
* M20 and M21 Gearbox catalog
* Part Failures
* Nine (9) Inch
* Speedo Drive Gear Colours
* Transmission ID Codes (compliance plate)
* Transmission Codes
* Transmission id chart


Column Shift Display Cable


P Plate Restrictions


Old Holden Economics


* Flasher Cans
* Fuel Gauge

Electrical Meters


Air Injection
* Cold Feed Switch CFS
* EFI VK Emissions
* Transmission Control Switch
* Thermal Vacuum Switch

Engine, Engine Bay and Ignition:


Prefixes, Codes and Specifications

Fuel Systems

Carburettor Ice
* Carburettor Leaks
* Carburettor Tips
* CD Stromberg Carburettors
* Choke Cable Replacement
* Detonation and Pre-Ignition
* Ethanol
* Fuel Economy
* Fuel In Oil
* Fuel Pumps Six Cylinder
* Fuel Pump: VN VP VR 
* Fuel Tank
* Fuel Injecting a 308
* The Holley Carburettor (Numerical listings and part numbers)
* Holley Information Table 1 2
* Injector Drop Test
* Inlet Manifolds V8
* New Fuel For Old Cars
* Quadrajet Carburettors
* Quadrajet id Codes,Metering rods and Jet sizes
* Quadrajet Factory Repair Kit, Guide and all settings
* Six Cylinder Fuel Pumps
* Stromberg Carburettor
* Strombergs:Dual
* Syphoning
* Stromberg WW Carburettor
* Stromberg WW Carburettor on a 202
* SU Carburettors
* Turbocharging
* Vacuum Tuning
* Vapourisation
* Varajet Carburettor
* VK EFI 3.3
* VK EFI 3.3 Conversion
* VK EFI Modifications
* Weber Conversion

Gearboxes, Transmissions, Differentials and Tailshafts:

Seal Replacement
* Shifters: Four Speed
* Speedo Drive Gear Colours
* Speedo Drive Gear Calculator
* Spigot Bush: 6 Cyl (A & M) Images and Replacement  
* Tailshafts
* T5 Gearbox
* TH700 Gearbox Conversion 
* Three Speed All Synchromesh Gearbox
* Three Speed All Synchro Conversion
* Three Speed Crash Gearbox
* TH350
* TH700
* TH700 as used in VS V8's
* TH700 and V8's
* Toyota Supra and Celica 5 Speed gear ratios
* Trimatic:Electronic Spark Timing (EST)
* Transmission ID Chart
* Trimatic Transmission
* Trimatic: Replacing an Hydramatic
* Universal Joint Replacement

 Yokes - Gearbox End
* M76 Borg-Warner 5 Speed
* Wiring up the Locking function of a TH700 convertor in a non computerised old Holden

General Information

* Horsepower vs Torque
* Links page
* Automotive Mathematics - the numbers you NEED to be familiar with
* Codes: Engine, Diff Gearbox, etc
* Search_Tips
* Automotive Terms
* Trickybits (aftermarket stuff)]]
* Part Failures
* Thats not rare!!!! or is it????
* Useful stuff around the Car

Holdenpaedia Editing

* How to create and edit an Holdenpaedia Page
* Holdenpaedia Image Upload




Looking Good

* Logo: Lion Badge Story

==Model Information==
* Bedford
* Buick
* Chev
* Chev: Maple Leaf
* Chev Truck
* Holden History (all models FX-VL)
* Holden History of Exports
* Holden Model Listings (all models FX-VL)
* Model Launch Dates and Prices
* VW
* XU-2


==Prefixes, Codes and Specifications==
* GTS Dash ID
* HK,HT,HG Model Identification
* HK,HT,HG Monaro Identification
* HQ-WB Interchangeable Parts


Related Interest

* Historic OH Images

==Selected Members of
* Ben Simpson
* Streetneat (our resident panel beater)
* T
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* Idler Arm Replacement

* Litchfield Tools
* Tools
*Vane Engine Analyser