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Page created by RedWagon Sept 5th 208:

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Tailshaft Yoke showing the Welch Plug. Click to enlargen. Photo by HQSS.


==Gearbox Yokes:==





The gearbox yoke is the part of the tailshaft that connects to the gearbox output shaft. They vary in size, length, number of teeth etc depending on the gearbox they are to suit.

The flange on the yoke that connects to the tailshaft (via universal joint) will also vary in size depending on the size of uni it is designed to use.

Because of this - it can sometimes be difficult to complete a working gearbox or diff conversion as matching tailshaft pieces can be a nightmare!


This section is designed to reduce the headache associated with such conversions, while also being useful in determining what type of gearbox yoke you need,

or have.

===Output Splines:===


ALL TRIMATICS , AUSSIE 4 SPEED AND 3 SPEED all syncro have the same number and type of splines on the out put shaft only the early part syncro boxes had a course spline output shaft... v8 have a different size uni to sixes..




===Early Commodore Gearboxes:===


===Yoke Type:===



These gearboxes all use the same yoke. If you have a yoke that fits a Trimatic box, it will also fit M20/M21 and vise-versa.

In an early commodore - if you change gearbox between these three - you needn't change your tailshaft at all.

(Photo soon)



M76 Borg Warner 5-speed Manual:

The VK 5-speed box requires a different yoke than its M20/21/Tri friends. The yoke for this box is smaller than the M20/21/Tri,

and looking at both end on - you will notice that there is also a spline tooth intentionally missing from the M76 yoke.

(Photo soon)


The Welch Plug has a tendency to work loose and leak. Click to enlargen. Photo by HQSS.


Left Powerglide, Right 3 Speed Crash Box. Click to enlargen. Photo by HR Ambo.

Left 3 Speed Crash Box, Right Powerglide. Click to enlargen. Photo by HR Ambo.

Tailshaft Yoke from a TH400 Automatic Gearbox. Wear on the Seal Area can cause Oil Leaks. Photo by Myeh. Click to Enlargen.


HR Ambo's Shed.




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