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ok, here we have the esky and ice installation on the thumbnails to see more detail

This installation guide has been put together in memory of the 2005 swap meet in toowoomba QLD, where by no other reason than pure negligence, MRHZV8s car was a victim of a incorrect ice into esky installation and as a direct result, my car ended up with a melted bag of ice in the back of it....please take care

Please note, that it is very very important to follow these instructions otherwise you may end up with a big melted mess on the floor or in the back of your car here is the esky
as you can see by the is still empty
i didnt have any bags of ice so i have improvised with ice blocks to simulate the process
oh appears rusty has left the ice OUTSIDE of the esky...meh!!! if that was a real bag of ice it would make a big mess!!!
here you can see, that this installation done is incorrect and all that will happen is a big mess...A BIG THUMBS DOWN!!!
it makes it easier alot easier if you actually install the ice INTO the esky, that way any spills or melting will be contained INSIDE the esky
installation complete!!!! A BIG THUMBS UP!!!!

what the experts have to say:

Yep we have tried this installation and there are fatal flaws. Onenever buy two bags of ice for one esky- this will lead to an overabundance of surplus ice - Esky lids provide the next most logical place to install surplus ice.

Two never let rusty near your car- there is simply no good reason to do so. Your choice- and your job to clean up resulting mess/spillages.

Three Never park your car in the sun with the window down and an esky with in easy reach - this will only encourage large deposits of ice on top of said esky.

All bedding must at all times be completely be devoid of eskies or the potential to leave eskies in a bedding area.

Here endeth the lesson...........

Feel free to upload this to eskie installation page. or there will be future bedwettings. Streetneat




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