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Economy Light reference. Photo by HQ Ute Enthusiast. Click to Enlargen.

Economy Light:

Some Kingswood models were fitted with an Economy Light in the Dash Light Cluster.


The light glowed with all the other dash lights when the ignition was on and the engine stopped.After the engine was started, the lamp went out if the throttle was below 2/3rd.The lamp would glow if the engine was running, anytime the throttle was opened to 2/3 or more.


The sender is a vacuum sensitive device with a pair or normally closed contacts.The indicator wire is connected to the switch allowing current to flow to ground when the contacts are closed (no vacuum engine, stopped).The light goes out when the vacuum is below about 20" HG (2/3rd throttle) and the engine is running.The light comes on again when the vacuum rises above about 20" HG (2/3rd throttle) and the engine is running. 
The "new" dash installed after spraying the metal dash panel near the windscreen in matt black. Photo by Hairy-Dude.


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