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Page created by T Sep 9th 2008:

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EST VK Engine. Note that the Engine has been  fitted with a blue motor Bosch HEI Distributor. Click to Enlargen. Photo by Stephen Whitehead.

EST to HEI Conversion:

Existing EST Wiring:

The Coil +ve is already wired to +12v via the Ignition Switch (pink wire). The Coil -ve is switched by the ECU  (black wire).

Conversion Wiring:

1. The pink Wire from the Distributor and the existing pink Wire connect to the Coil +ve.

2. Remove the black Wire from the Coil -ve and terminate it so that it cannot make contact with anything. This is no longer used.

3. Connect the green Wire from the Distributor to the Coil -ve.

4. Connect the Tachometer Wire to the Coil -ve. This Wire is usually brown in colour.

Distributor Replacement:

  hiy_po on Tue, 09/09/2008 - 14:00.

I just took the Black wire off the Coil, Dropped in the HEI Dissy, Put the green wire from dissy to -ve coil pink wire from dissy to +ve coil.
EST is disconnected and engine runs on HEI

End of submission by Hy_po

Vacuum Advance Line:

tee the vac advance into the egr vac line it might be a different size but its ported.

===Tachometer Connection:===The Tachometer Connection goes to the Coil -ve.

Distributor and Coil from an EST VK (6 Cylinder) Commodore. The early Oil Filled Coil is shown. It could just as easily be fitted with the later HEC-716 Coil. Click to Enlargen. Photo by Kenscars.
Bosch HEI. The image shows the later type Bosch HEC-716 Coil. Photo by Blissy. Click to enlargen.
EST Engine converted to HEI. The Vacuum Advance Line connection is shown. Photo by Justin Ladlow. Click to Enlargen.
Distributor and Coil from an EST VK (6 Cylinder) Commodore. Note the Distributor body is very thin because it does not hold any balance weights and there is no provision for fitting a Vacuum Advance Unit. Click to Enlargen. Photo by Kenscars.


Wiring Diagrams:


Campbell's Shed

VK Bosch EST



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