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Page created by T August 8th 2007:

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EST VK Improvement:

A detailed work by LMH (LoveMyHolden)

Image One. A shot of the original 6 Cylinder EST VK Computer with the cover removed. Photo by LMH.

Image One:

Here's a picture of the original EST Before it was gutted for my project. Insert an evil laugh here!

Image Two. Jaycar Improved EST ECU unit. Photo by LMH.

Image Two:

This second image is the Jaycar programmable ignition mounted inside the original EST Housing and Wired up identically so this acts as a direct replacement for the Factory EST. No wiring changes under the Bonnet needed except for unplugging the Temp Sensor. (I'm using that wire for something else). The cover screws back on once you've finished tinkering with the timing. Pretty clever hey, even if I do say so myself.

Image Three. Testing the dwell setting with a Spark Plug resting on the Brake Master Cylinder. Photo by LMH.

Image Three:

Here I am testing the dwell setting. Currently set to 5.1ms this was found to produce the best spark without over driving the coil needlessly. This picture is not the best of the spark but trust me it kicks nice and hard. The programmable ignition has an internal oscillator which means you can test the spark without having the engine run. Very Clever!

Image Four. Here is the Jaycar EST ECU fitted to the car in the original location. Photo by LMH.

Image Four:

Here it is fitted to the car in the original location. The cover will be screwed on once I've finished the tweaking.

Image Five. The VK at a Idle. Photo by LMH.

Image Five:

Here is the Handcontroller displaying the current RPM, Advance, and engine load level, all in real time!! This enables you to check in real time what rpm and advance and load the engine is operating under. MY VK Now has 2 advance curves, 1 for gas and one for petrol. Much more advance and earlier, however less total advance for gas, but more gradual advance curve with greater total advance for Petrol.
The increase in Torque is mind boggling. This seriously kicks butt. I've got plenty of tweaking still to do but the difference already is amazing.

Image Six. The Handcontroller with the engine revving at 2500 RPM. Photo by LMH.

Image Six:

Here is the VK reving at a steady 2500RPM. The screen shows the current advance that the engine is operating under based on load conditions. To help you understand the load number better very low load is 15 (engine in overrun going down a hill held in second, throttle closed) and 235 is foot flat to the floor at launch. Free reving the engine is under someload naturally.
This car simply is much quicker on gas than it ever was on petrol with the varajet, and now on petrol with the Weber and this adjustable timing, performance is incredible period, especially for an engine running stock cam, stock manifolds AND exhaust! Really up in the EFI VK area now of performance. However as I said a bit more tweaking to be done. Naturally, I am expecting improved economy as a flow on effect, and yes I will be working on fitting the same kit to the 253 tonner. A 253 has got to benefit from this too I would think. Will keep you updated on how it all goes.

EST VK Engine. Click to Enlargen. Photo by Tom1569.
EST VK Engine. Click to Enlargen. Photo by Tom1569.


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