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A 3.3 Engine from a VC or VH Commodore with EST Trimatic. Note the Hole in the top of the Bellhousing. Click to Enlargen. Photo by SleakVH.

EST Trimatic:

An Hole exists in the top of the Electronic Spark Timing Trimatic Bellhousing because there is a Flexplate triggered Speed Sensor fitted there. The EST Trimatic is the only Trimatic with this half-height Bellhousing and an Upper Hole.

Speed Sensor:

The Speed Sensor is triggered by one of 3 Flexplate mounted Magnets (Flywheel mounted Magnets on Manual Gearbox Cars).It sends info about the Crank Position (one of 3 possible positions, 120 deg spacing) to the ECU which uses it for Ignition Timing and to generate an internal Tacho Signal for Spark Advance Decision Making. 




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