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Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve on a 202 UC. Click to Enlargen. Photo by T.


Exhaust Gas Recirculation:

Exhaust Gas Recirculation is an Emission reduction device that also reduces the tendency for an Engine to ping . A Rubber Diaphragm is activated when the Throttle is opened wide enough. The Diaphragm then opens a Valve which allows small amounts of Exhaust Gas to flow into the Inlet Manifold.


They were AC Delco on 70's Holden's, even though they are GM subsidiary they do sell to other makers, I think I've seen delco stuff like that on Hondas. But they aren't really an industry standard. The Holden ones all look the same externally but I think the later ones at least, were tuned for different engines (diaphragm internal springs etc), you can mix and match them physically, but I would not be able to tell you what the outcome would be. "Valve Regrind" and full engine gasket sets usually include EGR gaskets. But they are usually gasket paper so I make my own. P.S. Some of the newer electronic controlled EGR valves look like they might match an old manifold, search evil bay for some pics GM EGR valves. There are some gaskets on there too.

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Laer Models:

VT, VX & VY V6 DOhave an EGR valve, Dr Terry




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