Dual Filament Bulbs

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Original submission by T Mar 21st 2007:

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Dual Filament Bulbs:

Dual Filament Bulbs. Click to Enlargen. Image by T.
Submitted by T on Wed, 21/03/2007 - 11:02. Dual filament bulbs (like stop and tail lights, parker and turn lights) depend on their indivudual earths to work properly.  Thread

Open Earths:

If the earth comes open the filaments interact. The 21W part of the globe (blinker) has a much lower resistance than the parker's 6W.

Front Blinker/Parker Earth Failure Animation:

Animation by T Mar 25th 2007: FrontParkBlink.gif

Tail Light Earth Failure Animation:

Animation by T Mar 25th 2007: TailLight.gif

One Bulb Grounds Through the Other:

If the earth disappears from one globe the blinker will ground through the parker and the parker ground through the blinker making voltages appear where they ought not.

Shorted Filaments Inside the Globe:

Also a short inside a dual filament globe can cause odd things to happen, like the engine won't turn off until you take your foot off brake and turn off the headlights (on VW's) because the short in the dual filament bulb powers the ignition from the taillight circuit.




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