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Original dome top 253 piston from HZ Ute, see text. Photo by Ben Simpson. Click to Enlargen.

Dome Top Piston:

Stock 253 Piston With Small Dome:

might be a bit hard to make out, but here is an original 253 piston, i had not seen one before, all i have ever worked on had been bored and had aftermarket flat tops. its not a big dome, but its a dome nonetheless. i estimate maybe 1.5 to 2cc's. this particular engine was from an hz ute, it came to me in pieces to have some measuring and machine work done, and i supplied the parts for the owner to freshen it up. apparently it ran sweetly but leaked heaps of oil from the dried out, shrunken cork gaskets. as he pulled it down, the owner thought the bearings were worn out as he could see the copper colour on the shells - the genuine holden bearings are not tin plated from the factory and are actually copper coloured out of the box, so when i told him this and measured the crank, there was no measurable wear on the journals and just minor running wear on the bearings - you could re-use them if you had to. the bores were as good as i have ever seen, only minor lip on several of them - i asked the owner how many km it had done, expecting it to be under 100,000km, but it was about 220,000km. a farmer owned it and had obviously maintained it well. even the cam and lifters were visually ok which is pretty rare on these! it had the double row sprockets but only the single row chain, which we probably all remember cost brocky a bathurst back in 85, was it?? so it got a mild cam and new double row timing set, some minor performance work on the heads and just general freshening up machine work with new gaskets, rings and bearings, the owner will assemble it and i look forward to seeing the vehicle with its new paint job in the next few months. End of Submission by Ben Simpson.




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