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The Dipstick has been colliding with the no 5 Bigend. photo by HJDave. Click to Enlargen.


The Dipstick is used to measure the amount of Oil in the Engine's Sump. ===Bent Dipstick Tube:===During a rebuild it's possible for the Dipstick Tube to become bent and allow the Dipstick to collide with the No 5 Bigend.

The Dipstick has been reshaped to allow it to avoid hitting 5 Bigend on this stroked Engine. photo by HJDave. Click to Enlargen.
VB - VK Commodore Six Cylinder Engines have the Dipstick mounted in the Front of the Sump where the Well of the Sump is located. This provides clearance for the Rack and Pinion Steering which is mounted at the rear of the Engine. Click to enlargen. Image by SleakVH.

Dipstick Relocation From VB-VK Commodore Into Kingswood:

the dipstick hole is plugged with a tiny welch plug, simply drive it out with a suitable drift while you have the sump off. you can get it out with the sump on, just a bit harder.End of submission by Ben Simpson.
HR Sump. The Dipstick is mounted in the Block so that it can measure the level in the Well of the Sump. Click to enlargen. Image by HRambo.

Kingswood Dipstick Tube Removal:

Insert a Phillips Head Screwdriver with as large a diameter as will fit into the Dipstick Tube. This will prevent the Dipstick Tube from being crushed and the Handle will prevent it from falling into the Sump. Scribe a Line where the Tube meets the Crankcase. Grip the Dipstick Tube with Pliers. Twist and pull the Tube upwards to remove it.

Kingswood Dipstick Tube Installation:

Thoroughly clean the Dipstick Tube then smear Holden Sealant around the Tube where the end enters the Crankcase.  Insert the Phiilips Head Screwdriver back into the Tube. Then tap the Tube into the Crankcase until the Scribe Line meets the Crankcase.

Dipstick Accuracy:

You will need to check the accuracy of the Dipstick at subsequent Oil Changes by comparing the amount of Oil poured into the Engine with the Dipstick Reading.If the Dipstick under-reads, you will need to tap the Dipstick Tube down until it reads correctly.If the Dipstick over-reads, you will need to raise the Dipstick Tube until it reads correctly.


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