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Differential Codes:


XX/YY Number Refers to the number of Pinion Gear Teeth (XX) / number of Crown Wheel Teeth (YY)

215-FX-FJ-FE-FC-FB-EK-EJ MODELSAll had the Holden 6 "Grey motor", open diff center and single ratio

Banjo 3.889:1 9/35 Often missquoted and different to the latter 3.9:1 Banjo

Banjo 3.36:1 11/37 Std for 179 1972 and 1973  3.36 LSD XU-1 to July had a WM diff code and from mid August 73 on XU-1's after engine JP 386598 changed to the XM diff code as they had fine spline axles and side gears, still 3.36 ratio.There were many other ratios available particularly for the late 1973 XU-1's even 3.9 lsd, these codes will change accordinally.  EH to WB and VH Commodore used the same diff gears just differing housings and bearings for the small Salsbury.


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