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A 253 V8. Click to Enlargen. Photo by LMH.

Date Stamps:

V8 Engine Date Stamps:

How to indentify date stamps on 253/308 engines from HQ-HZ. Unsure if these same stamps apply to later engines than this.

V8 Stamp Location:

The stamp can be found on the front of the block on the left side above the timing water pump. It will be a combination of number and letter and appear in the format of 1A1, 13B4 etc. The first number refers to the day of the month it was cast and will range from 1-31. I.E if the first number is a 15 then it was cat on the 15th. The letter refers to the month of casting. Refer table below. Note: I is not used (Im unsure for what reason) 
Letter           Month 
 A January
 B February
 C March
 D April
 E May
 F June
 G July
 H August
 J September
 K October
 L November
 M Demeber

 The second number refers to the cast year. I.E 2 means 1972, 3 means 1973 etc. Once the stamp get beyond 1979 i understand that they return to 1, but the engine produced in the 1980's have the prefix of VT or VR for commodore engine but that the 1970's engine are all QT or QR prefix. 


Example 14J5 = 14th September 1975   If anyone has further information than this or please feel free to add or edit. Cheers  




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