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Page created by Qute August 27th 2007:

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Perth Cruise Setup Formula:

The formula I use to set up Perth Cruises is: Find a scenic Spot (with cover/toilets/bbq's/parking/safety for kids, etc) within a reasonable distance of Perth. Devise a scenic route to get there. It is best if we can avoid gravel roads, traffic lights and right-hand turns as much as possible so it is easier to keep the group together. As everyone on the recent PC13 would have noticed in the early part of the Cruise, traffic lights are a PITA for a group of about 20 cars... Determine a starting point that has enough parking to house us for an hour or so. 

From the Finish to the Start:

So they are organised from Finish back to the works better that way. Not everyone can come along for the Cruise and/or the BBQ, so the hour before the Cruise actually begins is important for Meeting and Greeting (MNG), checking out each other's cars and to give people who can't Cruise/BBQ with us a chance to participate. That's why we always meet around 10 and leave around 11:00 to 11:15... I heard LOTS of advice and information being given, received and exchanged in Captain Munchies' carpark on the morning of PC13. 

The Cruise Route:

The Cruise route should be between 60 and 90 minutes long. That means that a single car should be able to do the route in about 45 - 60 minutes as a group travels more slowly than a single vehicle. The last couple of Cruises have been at the upper end of that scale as I have had requests for longer Cruises so the cars can stretch their legs a bit. Future Cruise that I organise may be longer or shorter than this as people need to be happy with the day/route/destination before they'll participate.  I always seek input from anyone and everyone when I am starting to organise a Cruise but I can't please everyone all the time. Those who the day/route/destination doesn't suit or please vote with their feet and don't attend or only come along for the bits they want to attend and that's cool. I also try to vary the areas of the start and end points so the same group of people from the southern/eastern/northern/western suburbs aren't always travelling great distances to get to or from the Cruise. I try to share the travelling around as much as possible. I'd be very happy to have all the Cruises in my home area as my travelling time would be minimal and I'm sure everyone else would be happy to have all the Cruises in their home area....So we try to share the travelling around. A side benefit of the Cruises is also that people get to see, hopefully, interesting roads and picnic/BBQ spots that they haven't seen before. They may even like to take their families back there at other times. I'm sure many people that have looked at the PC Shed have then decided to go to spots that we have been to. I know that at least 2 of the families at PC13 will be going back to Serpentine Dam at a later date for a private BBQ/Picnic. So, in essence, I try to cover as many bases as possible in the Cruises. If someone wants to come along just for the Meet And Greet, cool.  If they want to do the Cruise as well and then go off to another engagement or just go home, that's cool too.  If they just want to meet us at the BBQ spot and join in the activities there, that's cool too.  And various people have done all of the above and combinations thereof on various Perth Cruises. We almost never organise activities at the BBQ area so people don't feel compelled to do something they may not want to, just to fit in. If it gets to that stage, the numbers would dwindle rapidly IMHO. The exceptions to this rule, obviously, have been the York Motor Museum and the Ridley's Motor Museum Cruises but they were organised with the express aim of visiting those places and that was made clear when the Cruise was set up so people could say yay or nay to coming along. It is fun for me to do the above. I've written this just to give an insight into what makes the Perth Cruises the most successful in the Country... and a big part of that is that they aren't OVER organised. And IMHO that's the way it should be because we're not an official club and have no formal hierachy and I, for one, don't want us to be. I can do without the politics that formality introduces... The Perth Chapter of also welcome people to the cruise even if they aren't in an old Holden or even in a Holden at all. So long as the attendees have an interest in, an appreciation of and some knowledge of old Holdens, that's fine by us. 

What to Bring:

Generally, we ask for volunteers to bring along various things for the Group. These can be Curried Eggs, Sauces, Salt/Pepper, Bread Rolls, BBQ Implements, Napkins, Kitchen Roll, Garbage Bags, Onions, Salads, Chips, Dips, Nibblies, etc. Everyone is responsible to bring their own:
Meat, Drinks (alchohol in moderation please), Hats, Suncreen, Insect Repellant, Cups/plates/fighting gear (knives/forks), Fold up chairs are always useful too. 




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