Coolant Leaks

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Coolant Leaks:

Water Pump:

The Water Pump Seal is famous for leaking sometime after the Engine has been shutdown. This is because the Engine Temperature causes the Coolant Pressure to rise after the Fan and Water Pump stop. 

Reworked Holes:

Reworking the Head can result in Coolant Leaks if the Rocker Bolt Holes have been drilled into the Water Jacket.  

Adjustable Rocker Gear Head fitted to a 202 Engine. Note that the Rocker Cover Hole has been drilled right through. These Holes are blind ex-factory. This head will leak Coolant when the Rocker Cover Bolts are removed unless the Holes are filled somehow. Grubscrews, Blind Helicoils or Studs are an option. Photo by Besty123. Click to Enlargen.
Studs fitted to the Rocker Bolt Holes to fix a Coolant Leak. Photo by Besty123. Click to Enlargen.


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