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Multifunction Blinker Stalk. Simply pull the rotational part along the direction of the arrow to service the unit. Photo by Andrea Baily. Click to Enlargen.

Combination Switch:

This is the combination Blinker, Wiper, Washer and High Beam Switch mounted on the Steering Column.They were fitted to UC, HX, HZ, WB, VC, VH and VK models.They have been sold in different colours to match the Dash Board colour. There are periods where they have only been sold in black.   

Multifunction Blinker Stalk. The red Arrow shows the High Beam Switch. The Blinker function is in the seperate unit that this Arm screws onto. Photo by Andrea Baily. Click to Enlargen.


The rotational part of the Switch simply pulls apart revealing the 2 Speed Wiper Switch and Washer Switch.The High Beam Switch is near the Mounting Screw at the far end of the unit.


Blinker Stalk Replacement

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Blinker Stalks



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