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Holden 161 engine as originally used in HD Holdens. Click to Enlargen. Photo by Trev PooBaa .

Choke Cable Replaement:

HK Holden Choke Cable Replacement:

This is typical of red and grey motor choke cable replacement.

First thing is to remove the inner cable from the White or clear sheath from the new cable.
You will probably have to straighten the end of the new cable wire if it's second hand. Be very careful not to snap the cable here cable could be brittle if a bit rusty. Little bit of wd40 helps.
When removing the cable make sure the sheath is in a straight line. Will pull out nicely. Remove the round nut from the new cable sheath. You may need a special tool for this or a flat head screwdriver if your careful. Now on the car, take off the air filter. Use the handle just under it to losen. It will come off easily. There are two screws to undo here. One holds the cable to the choke on the carby. The other holds the sheath. I undid both as I was replacing both sheath and the cable.
Straighten the wire!!!! Be careful again. This needs to be straight to pull through.
Go inside and slowly pull the choke out. Keep going until you have the whole thing out.
If you are replacing the sheath too, undo the nut on on the dash. Be very careful not to scratch the dash here. When this is off, pay particular attention to the order of the surrounding silver bit and rubber ring.
You should now be able to put your hand under the dash and slowly pull the sheath out through the fire wall. The choke assembly will now come away from the dash from the inside. It will come out without forcing it. Make sure you feed it from the firewall so you don't break it or dislodge the rubber grommet on the firewall. You may need to get under the dash to do this.
Now everything in reverse.
Feed the new sheath in from under the dash through the rubber grommet. when about 3 quarters in, go to the engine bay and make sure it's pointing up towards the carby.
Go back inside and finish it off. Position the choke assembly from behind, Put on the rubber ring, silver outer section and then the round nut. Screw on hand tight and then tighten with special tool. I would not use a screwdriver here as you will probably end up scratching the plastic on the dash. Now slowly feed in the new cable. Wd40 will make it glide in easily. Best to have someone on the engine bay side to keep sheath straight. Now insert it all the way.
Nearly done.
Now reattach the cable to the carby, remember, if cable fully inserted, carby flap should be open. secure the sheath to the sheath holder on the carby and put the air filter back on.
Sounds like a big job but really wasn't that hard once I knew how to do it. End of submission by miami486.




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