Chev Distributor Installation

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Chev Distributor Installation:

Oil Pump Drive:

Submitted by WBJailwagon on Thu, 08/02/2007 - 11:23.

The "keyed bit" at the base of the Distributor Shaft is the Oil Pump Drive. If the Oil Pump Drive is not engaged in the Oil Pump the Distributor will not locate properly in its Bore (sorry, not explaining very well) and it will sit higher than it should (about 8mm). This could affect timing and obviously Oil Pressure.

283 Chev Distributor Drive. The right hand image shows the Oil Pump Drive Key. Click to enlargen. Image by Griff_one_tonner.


To determine TDC Compression Stroke on No. 1 Cylinder, hand crank the Engine (in direction of rotation) until the Valves on No. 6 cylinder are "rocking". That is Exhaust just closing and Inlet just opening.

Rotor Button Positioning:

Then fit the Distributor with the Rotor pointing to No. 1 on the cap, (or there might be a small Notch in the top of the Distributor Housing to line it up with).

Correct Oil Pump Engagement:

If the Distributor does not engage in the Oil Pump (sits too high) then continue to hand crank the Engine while applying light pressure to the top of the Distributor. You will feel it engage. Then return the Engine to TDC compression No. 1 and see if the Rotor lines up properly.

Then put it all back together, start it up and adjust timing with a light.

Cheers, Jeff.




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