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===Clutch pedal height===

The ride height of the clutch pedal can be adjusted by a black plastic thread that feeds into the hole, located on the side of your manual bell housing.
This thread can be turned to either raise/ lower the pedal height.

Sometimes this can be very tight, in a very difficult position, or the entire cable twists while turning.
My easiest method is to lift the clutch pedal, support underneath with something.
Then remove the cable from the bellhousing end, then adjust the cable before reinstalling.

===Clutch pedal conversion problems===

You've got a cable clutch and you've converted your 6 to a V8.

Guess what? The V8 clutch pedal AND cable is different! The V8 clutch needs more release because it's a bigger diameter. The v8 clutch pedal provides more pull on the cable to ensure correct release, but is also harder to push in. It basically has a different ratio which provides more movement on the cable but more effort.

These pedals are hard to find. Took me months to find one. For now you can fix it by adjusting your clutch pedal so it's higher than your brake pedal, but it will be a bit funny to drive. The other way to fix it is if you've got a welder you could lengthen the "Hook" on the end of the clutch pedal by approx 1 cm. Alternately I think CRS has an exchange service. You send your pedal to them and they mod it and send back to you.

Thanks LMH

===clutch will not engage gears===

Sometimes the pressure plate can become 'seized' after sitting for some time.
Two solutions; get the car into gear and while moving, pump the clutch to try to disengage the pressure plate.
Second idea is too engage top gear, hand brake on, flick the starter to try to shudder the pressure plate off the flywheel.
Appareantly most wb/vc commodores have a plate that does'nt sit 'free' of the flywheel. So after a lenghty amount of time it is prone to rust or freeze together.

Cheers freestyler1

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