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Stromberg Carburettor from an HD Holden 179 Manual or Auto. See the thread. Click to Enlargen. Photo by StockEJ


Maths - Carburettor Size


Stromberg Carburettor on a 202 UC. Note that the throttle return spring has been relocated to under the EGR bolt and that a twist has been made in the Throttle Return Spring Bracket. This avoids the problem of the Bracket's original location which was under the nearside Carburettor Stud. Repeated activation of the Throttle twisted the Carburettor Stud loose and eventually tore it out of the Inlet Manifold.Click to Enlargen. Photo by T.

HQ_SS Shed

Stromberg Carburettor on an HZ 202. The throttle return spring stud has stripped. Click to Enlargen. Photo by Xavier Koenig.


Stromberg Thread



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