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Original submission by T Jan 21st 2007:

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Stromberg Carburettors:

Large Plugs:

The large Plugs can be a source of leaks if the Copper Washers under them haven't been installed correctly. On Strombergs these are called the Main Metering Jet Plugs.  HZ 6 Carby leak threadStromberg WW(2) Stromberg Carburettor. Items 46 (copper washers) and 47 (plugs).
Stromberg Carburettor on HZ 6 with fuel leak. Click to Enlargen. Image by Ruski.
Stromberg Carburettor on HZ 6. Note that the hose that John (Arsewipe) mentions in the other thread (hose not visible) "Either that, or you are missing the hose from the top of the fuel bowl, that goes to the charcoal canister--I can't see it, can anybody else?" is visible in this image lying near the upper control arm in the bottom left of the picture. Click to Enlargen. Image by Ruski.
Stromberg Carburettor Main Metering Jet Plugs. Click to Enlargen. Image by Jacks.

Copper Washers:

It's best to replace the Copper Washers during a Carburettor rebuild. Dig out the old ones with a screw driver. The new Copper Washers must be installed into the Carburettor Body first. The Carburettor Plugs are installed after them and screwed down tight which makes a Crimp between the Carburettor Plug and the Carburettor Body as shown in the animation. Note: Do *not* place a Copper Washer onto the Plug and then install and tighten the Plug. If you do the Copper Washer will become twisted out of shape and the resulting leak will not stop no matter how tight the plug is made.

Copper Washer Leaks:

If this leak is present, the fuel will slowly drip out all the time.

Difficulty With Cold Starts:

The large plugs can be a source of leaks if the copper washers under them haven't been installed correctly. Photo by Stock EJ.
If the car is left standing for a number of days hard cold starting will occur because the fuel pump will have to fill up the float bowl before the engine will fire. Hot starts will be normal. CarburettorPlugs.gif


Stromberg Carburettor



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