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Car Carpets:

Submitted by Streetneat on Thu, 28/06/2007 - 00:31

A bit of a community help here for those wondering about carpets for their car. AND NO I AM NOT ENDORSED BY KNOX.

I have had a few folk ring me from this forum asking what Carpets do we use and recommend- thats an easy answer- Knox from down south.

Knox Auto Carpets

Now I am aware that some here have had issues with carpets and not fitting properly. This is more to do with inexperience at fitting than the carpet itself.
I have used Knox carpets for decades- as have a lot of the major Trimmers and upholstery supply companies. I have also used some other brands but they fell short - quite literally.

If you go to the Knox website - you will get detailed instructions on how to fit the carpets. The company informs me they will also be including detailed instructions with all their carpets they supply shortly.

Knowing what you may be doing wrong is the first step. I have had many clients whinge about their carpets not fitting properly - all brands- and when you take a look at what they have done- its no wonder! It can be very frustrating for amateur fitters when they start cutting away and find they have cut too much. Its human nature to blame the carpet before you blame yourself.

Visit the website and hopefully this will do two things- steer you in the right direction and stop the phone calls to me askin' what I reckon....
Cheers streetneat-Andrew.




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