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Page created by BradZed Mar  4th 2009:

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Old Holden Buying Guide:


This page is intended to help buyers of Old Holdens avoid bad purchases by making the problems known.</div>
This is a placeholder for BradZ's attempt to start on Old Hoden buying guide, as per the following thread:
Let's see what happens :)

Testing Table Format - Generic Buying Advice:

I'm currently putting together the generic advice on my own MediaWiki install due to sucky bandwidth.  This is what it currently looks like.  I'm undecided whether to go to a layered menu format for this, but like the below as people could print it out and take it shopping with them. 

Before Going Shopping

Decide on a firm budget, and if necessary, shop for finance before hitting the footpath

  • You will shop with confidence and be in a better position to bargain
  • You will get the best deal on finance, should you need it

Have an idea of market values & what modifications cost

Not only gain an idea of general market value of sort of vehicle you are after, but also what usual modifications would cost, allowing you to make good decisions as to value.

Some sites that may help you arrive at acceptable values include:

  • This
  • That

Gather tools useful while inspecting vehicle

You may like to buy or gather the following tools to assist in inspecting a vehicle:

  • Small magnet
  • Dentist's mirror

Initial Inspection of Vehicle

Check the body, chassis and engine numbers, and that they match registration or other available paperwork

If you are buying a registered vehicle, you should also check your states REVS service to be sure no money is owed on the vehicle. State bodies that can help with this include:

  • ACT:
  • NSW:
  • NT:
  • QLD:
  • SA:
  • TAS:
  • VIC:
  • WA:

Before Taking Off on a Test-Drive

Check with the seller that it is insured while you are behind the wheel

If you are not covered any anything happens, both the seller and third parties will hold you responsible

You can obtain comprehensive insurance on a vehicle that you not own. Take a cover note option with the least available excess, should the worst come to pass

Make sure you are comfortable with all key functions of the car before entering traffic

People sometimes have a scary idea of what is acceptable or roadworthy, you want to make sure you agree rather than finding out the hard way!

Some things to check:

  • Car brakes well & does not misbehave under emergency stop
  • All indicators & lights work
  • There are no dangerous flat spots or stalling issues
  • Registration is current!


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